We would like to present you our comprehensive offer within the scope of taxi services.

    We propose a non-cash payment system for using our taxis, on the basis of a collective VAT invoice issued at the end of each month.

    It will facilitate transport of your employees, visitors, business partners and private persons.

    Striving to meet your needs, we offer various tailor-made forms of non-cash settlement.



    The basis of this payment system is a contract. Vouchers are pre-numbered forms, which allow you to fully control their use. You are the ones who determine the number of the vouchers and dispose of them, depending on your needs.Our vouchers are also accepted by Radio Taxi 919 in other cities, for instance in Warsaw, Cracow, Lublin, Katowice...



    After signing a contract with us, we give you special cards which allow your employees to freely use our taxis upon presenting an ID Card.


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